Inokim E-Scooters, An Innovative Green Technology

Inokim E-Scooters, An Innovative Green Technology


All around the world, manufacturing companies have been overcome with enthusiasm for all things green, from molten salt storage to electricity generators harnessing the power of wastewater. However, transport sits at the forefront of sustainable green technology, with everyone asking when electric cars will flood the streets and petrol cars will become obsolete…but they won’t obliterate traffic jams. They won’t stop us from building multi-lane roads instead of planting urban green spaces.


By developing environmentally friendly e-scooters, Inokim is bringing the prospect of green cities closer to reality.


Spearheading Green Technology


Our e-scooters are not only stylish, compact and convenient, they present a completely emissions-free form of travel. Despite harnessing great power and being able to reach high speeds of up to 40 miles per hour over a distance of up to 68 miles (our incredible Inokim OXO model), an e-scooter from Inokim is 100% electric and produces no more harmful emissions than an old-fashioned pushbike.


This agile, foldable transport also boasts replaceable batteries that can be recharged in just four hours, using a regular home socket! With Inokim, green technology can be easy, intuitive and affordable.


At The Heart Of Our Mission


In a garage in Tel Aviv, our designer Nimrod Riccardo Sapir developed the first of our products, the 12-Kilo folding e-scooter. To begin with, it was a nimble travel alternative, a swift way to travel from one point to another with minimal effort. However, Sapir’s partner Kfir Ben-Shooshan had a eureka moment and realised the great potential of the e-scooter for avoiding traffic jams and providing an easier mode of transport, with the great benefit of reducing emissions in urban areas.


Our commitment to environmentally conscious, electric travel has become central to our mission. We genuinely believe in a sustainable future that can embrace the whole world. We have a presence in 30 different countries, from Israel to Korea to Lithuania and our brand-new shop recently opened in London, bringing our award-winning inventions to UK cities.





Green Technology In The UK


As it stands, e-scooters cannot legally be ridden on pavements or public roads in the UK, with the exception of rented e-scooters in certain areas. However, we would not have planted ourselves in this exciting new environment if we didn’t have hope for the future of green technology!


The UK government has been considering the role of e-scooters for a year, announcing trial areas across the country where rented models can be ridden through the streets, from Bournemouth to London to York. The trial is set to finish on the 6th of June, after which the results will be dissected and used to decide the future of electric scooters.

We are delighted to now know the law is set to change, with the government announcing that the UK's new transport bill will have a category for powered light transport vehicles - including electric scooters. Watch this space for exciting news!


In the meantime, you are free to revel in spectacular speed and travel many miles on private land, provided you have the landowner’s permission. Take pleasure in the fact that you can rove over varying terrain with greater power and no negative environmental impact!


Shop With Us


Browse our different models by visiting our online shop or find us in person at our newly opened London store at Unit 2, 75 High Holborn, WC1V 6LS. You can also contact us by phone, email or by filling in a form to ask questions.


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