Inokim History: How It All Began?

Probably you all know about Inokim, such as Inokim scooters. But do you know how did it all begin? As it produces excellent products, people show their eagerness to see the history of Inokim. 

Well, if you don’t know the history of Inokim, no worries, here in this article, we will share with you how it all began.

You will get a super comfortable feeling using Inokim products. It’s so safe & long-lasting. So why late? Let’s start!

Our Design 

We produce standard quality products with a variety of original colors & designs. Thus our products show outstanding performance. Foldable electric scooter fulfills our rider’s various demands, including power & distance, VRS, lightweight, & compactness.

Inokim History: How It All Began?

At first, Israel designed Inokim electric scooters sold in 30 countries. It’s a great solution to move to large cities & avoid traffic jams. Inokim Quick-3-e-scooter has great foldability, and you can fold it easily within three seconds.

Two Israeli men feel the necessity of a folding electric scooter for a light urban area. They wanted to change the transportation mode to get more facilities.

In 2009, MYWAY started as a garage project. Nimrod Sapir, an award-winning designer, found a solution to the complaint of getting from A to B with the lowest time & effort. It reduces the carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.

Kfir Ben-Shooshan introduced Sapir’s 12-Kilo folding e-scooter while they traveled home to Israel from Miami. On this travel, Kfir faced horrible traffic from airports to city centers. Then he realized that Sapir’s invention could be a great solution to this problem. Later, Ben talked with Sapir & got to know that Sapir had already a short-term contract with a seller in Israel regarding his invention.

When Ben was on vacation with his girlfriend to Thailand, the Chinese company proposed him a business proposal. Then Ben went to Shanghai for 24 hours & accepted the proposal. Ben-Shooshan says, “When I grew the business so successfully in Israel, the company in China offered me shares, so now I own 30 percent of the business and we sell through franchise all over the world.”

Inokim has right in Israel, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Korea, Lithuania, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, and United States.

According to ISRAEL21c, Ben says, “Before I came in, only 10,000 units had been sold all over the world.” & “Last year we surpassed 50,000 units. We just started US sales in September, so I’m sure that number will double.” Ben decides to start online selling of the products.

Later Ben says, “We want to be in every big city in the world, focusing on business people for the transportation in downtown areas. You can carry it with you on the train or bus, or you can put it in your trunk and park your car outside the city for far less.”

However, Sapir has received several industry awards because he invented an electric scooter for the first time.

Inokim Production

In 2011, MYWAY Company releazed MYWAY QUICK. It was the first Light Weight Quick folding electric scooter. These all are made of Aluminium, having a brushless motor & lithium-ion battery.

In 2013, various products were produced with an improved QUICK model. These products are known as QUICK-1, which has gained worldwide success. Thus, many companies are trying to copy them. 

In 2015, Inokim produced the LIGHT model product, which is so lightweight & quick to fold, and these opened a new door to the market & also to the users.

In 2017, Inokim releazed the MINI model that weighs only 8.5kg. It can be carried like a trolley when it is folded. 

In 2018, we marketed the most powerful Model, OX. It has the longest distance range model & higher riding quality.

The latest is the OUICK-3 Model, which has a 48-volt motor performing several functions. This Model reduces the chances of stolen & creates a bonding for Inokim users.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Does INOIKIM have an app?

Answer: Inokim scooters have a technical design & these are so stylish. Yes, Inokim has a smart-technology app through which riders can protect their scooters from theft. It creates a social network all over the world.

Question: Can I ride the Inokim scooter without a licence in the UK?

Answer: You have to be at least 18 years old to ride the Inokim scooter, and you might need a full or raw licence.

Final Thoughts

Have you got an idea about Inokim’s history? Hopefully, you got it. There is a huge story behind its invention. Inokim has become so popular in the UK. Inokim products are not only attractive but also they are very lightweight & foldable. It’s super fun to ride Inokim scooters. If you have any inquiries, feel free to knock us.