See our collection of video tutorials to help you with the set up process for your new Inokim e-scooter. Learn how to adjust your brakes, replace brake pads, fix a puncture, change your tyres, and more, in our videos below.

Inokim Light 2 - (Error 25)
Inokim OX - Noisy Motor?
Inokim Light 2 - Unboxing
Inokim Quick 4 - Brake Adjusment
Inokim Quick 4 - Unboxing
Inokim OXO - How to replace brake pads & Scraping noise
Inokim Light 2 - How To Fix a Puncture/Tyre
Inokim Light 2 - How to FOLD & UNFOLD
Inokim OX/OXO - How to FOLD & UNFOLD
Inokim OX/OXO - How to change Tube and Tyre
Inokim OX/OXO - How to install MAGIC BAR
Inokim Quick 4 - ERROR 21 
Inokim OX/OXO - Unboxing